Djablo sauce




Hi! My name is Laura, and I’m a co-founder of Djablo Sauce.

Djablo Sauce is the first locally produced, small batch Filipino hot sauce in the United States. Our recipe was perfected by my dad, Michael Dadap, when he moved to New York City from the Philippines with only $25 in his pocket to study music. Inspired by flavors from his hometown, and using the fresh ingredients he could find in his new surroundings, he came up with Djablo Sauce- a zesty ginger and garlic forward sauce that created a sense of home in the present, on the plate.

Djablo Sauce was named because of our devilish heat, that packs a playful punch using the pronunciation from the Southern Region in the Philippines my dad is from. My husband John and I are now following in my dad's footsteps as not only musicians but by carrying this recipe into the next generation of our family. We hope that by sharing our flavors with you that you can taste our family’s American Dream.

We officially launched sales in June 2019 with 2 flavors in 3 sizes ranging from $10-18 for those who like a little bit of spice, to those who want hot sauce on every bite. No matter what size you choose, no matter how far you are from home, a bottle of Djablo Sauce makes any food comfort food.


Flavorfully Yours,