Djablo sauce

Taste the american dream




Michael Dadap moved to New York City to study music from Hinunangan, Leyte a provincial town on a southern island in the Philippines. As an aspiring musician with limited resources, he drew from his experience as the 13th of 14 siblings to stretch a dollar and cook delicious meals to entertain his friends and family.

He worked odd jobs, sweeping the floors at a luthier in Hell’s Kitchen, and playing cocktail hours at a french restaurant where he learned advanced culinary techniques from the head chef after hours.

Decades later, he perfected a hot sauce inspired by the flavors of his hometown that he showcased at family holiday gatherings. His loved ones would leave the house with jars of the delicious sauce - it paired well with so many dishes, and cuisines and appealed to people with varied tastes. This hot sauce somehow cured a sense of homesickness for all and created a sense of home in the present, on the plate.